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Welcome to Ellingsworth Homes

Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary-modern, we can create a design that will make your address the show-piece of any street.

  • Built by Strongbuild Commercial Pty Ltd. Structural and external cladding by Ellingsworth Homes.
  • Structural and external cladding by Ellingsworth Homes only.
  • Built by Strongbuild Commercial Pty Ltd. Cladding and timber works by Ellingsworth Homes.
  • Built by Strongbuild Commercial Pty Ltd. Structural and external cladding by Ellingsworth Homes.
  • Built by Strongbuild Commercial Pty Ltd. Structural and external cladding by Ellingsworth Homes.

About Us
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Sydney’s Rising Stars in Home Extensions and Additions

People’s homes are often seen as a reflection of their owners. Certainly our lives are shaped by our environments, and our team at Ellingsworth Homes love nothing more than to give homeowners a new level of control over this fundamental part of their lives. As the premier Western Sydney based firm specialising in home extensions, renovations and additions we understand how to capture the existing character of a property and blend it with your needs and designs so the final outcome of the project seems a natural part of the structure and appreciates its value overall. Whether it’s a second floor addition or a new shed out back, we can build it better than the rest.

We bring a craftsman’s passion and a professional’s edge to every project

Throughout our history Ellingsworth Homes have always based our business around a strong commitment to quality work and an ability to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Starting out as a carpentry business and expanding through many award-winning projects to where we are today, our work has remained customer focused and kept our integrity at every turn. Our team of professionals have long experience in all aspects of home renovation and extension, allowing us to tackle a variety of projects large and small, indoors and outdoors. The drive to produce top quality work has never left us, and when you contract Ellingsworth Homes you know that you’re dealing with a firm which is always hungry to improve and excel. That’s the kind of attitude you want when you’re looking to elevate the quality of your home.

We deal with any project, from bathrooms to balconies

Because of the complicated mix of work involved in many renovations, projects can quickly become a headache for homeowners to control, with subcontractors and sub-subcontractors being brought in and a clear chain of responsibility being lost in the chaos. Because Ellingsworth Homes is able to handle every step of the process in-house, we save you all of that hassle, and give you a single, reliable point of contact for your enquiries across all stages of your project. Sometimes you can just buy peace of mind – and this is what you’re paying for when you hire us.


Contact us at any time to discuss the terms of your project by calling 0430 512 259 or email us at Alternatively, you can bring your questions to us via our online contact form.


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