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Let Us Guide Your Second Storey Additions to Success

When it comes to home renovations and extensions, adding an extra storey is many homeowners’ white whale. A multi-storey home is still a mark of prestige and wealth, as well as offering fundamental attractions such as better views and more space. There are also some situations where homeowners feel pressured into committing to an extra storey because there is simply not enough room on their block for any other kind of extension.

Despite all these advantages, adding storeys to your home requires even more care and planning than other kinds of extension, and it is essential that best practices are followed throughout the process to give you a chance at success. Ellingsworth Homes have the experience and the specialised knowledge to take your second storey additions from dream to reality. Call us today to get us involved in your project as soon as possible.

When planning is this crucial, make sure you have experts on hand

Ellingsworth Homes are so successful in part because we have the skills on our team to get involved with and help out during every stage of the renovation or extension process. Take advantage by letting us help lay out your plans; those without experience in these additions are likely to overlook some of the less obvious questions that need answering in this phase. Our team will make sure there is sufficient room available to allow upstairs and downstairs traffic, secure the necessary council approval, see that due diligence is done, check that any external cladding meets regulation and make sure that the plans for your new storey fulfil the dreams you have in mind for it.

By bringing your builders team in on this planning, you ensure that you share the fullest possible understanding of what the addition will entail, as well as clearing potentially awkward points of discussion surrounding the design before there is much time and money hinging on them. Getting advice from experienced, professional renovation specialists might also help you get a better idea of what you can realistically expect from the new extension and even lead you to revise your plans in light of the discussion.

Reach out to our team today for expert help with any extension

Operating throughout the city of Sydney and the Western suburbs, Ellingsworth Homes can help you with your next renovation project. Call us today on 0430 512 259. You can also deliver us your messages through our online contact form or email our offices at  

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