How to decide perfect timeline for home renovations

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Whenever the home remodeling process starts one usually does not have an idea of wat to do first and what to save for the last and exactly how much time each process would take. Everything needs to be done in the right order at the right time for you to get through the house renovation process without any glitches and hurdles. A general timeline is as follows.



  1. First you plan
  2. Then you demolish
  3. Then comes the electrical and plumbing work
  4. Followed by framing and drywall
  5. Then you paint
  6. After which is the turn of cabinets and fixtures
  7. Then doors as well as surrounds
  8. Then comes the finishing touches, beginning with cleaning
  9. Then flooring
  10. Then finally trim and finishing work

This same order is important to follow.

  1. Planning: Planning is definitely the most important step. This is where you see what you want, what can be done, how much finances you have, how much finances you can arrange. It also helps you determine the areas of the house you really want to bring a change to and the ones that can be looked after when you hopefully have a second round of renovations.
  2. Demolition: Well you must destroy the old fort to build a modern day mansion. In simple terms as long as you don't completely demolish the old structure you can't really get good new results. This may be a nerve wrecking process but it is absolutely vital.
  3. Electrical and Plumbing: all the work that needs to be done under the walls should be done at this stage so that once the drywalls are made they don’t have to be fiddled with to get these things done.
  4. Framing & Drywall: there are some sub-contractors who deal specifically in providing frames and drywalls. This is when you actually start to see the structure of your house getting into shape.
  5. Paint: after the drywall step the next move is to get your walls painted.
  6. Cabinets & Fixtures: this is when work starts to become fun. Here you get to choose the designs and patterns and textures. You actually shop for things that will go into the house for utility as well as decor purposes.
  7. Doors & Window Surrounds: the doors and windows should be done at this point of the process so that the process can move onto flooring.
  8. Clean House & Air Vents: you can hire some professional help to come and clean your vents and house to get rid of all the renovation mess and dirt.
  9. Flooring: you can choose from wooden, carpet and tiled flooring and get it done when you reach this point.
  10. Trim & Finishing work: The final thing to do in the house before moving in is to get the final finishes on the doors and windows and even floors done. This mostly includes trimmings and clippings.
 January 09, 2018
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